Beta release notes


Dominacy will finally open as a Beta in a few hours and we still have so much to do in the upcoming weeks in order to meet your expectations! We are pleased to see that so many players are interested in our work, asking questions about every aspect of the game for months. This web game is a small project we have been working on for over a year, quite irregularly at the beginning but more intensely since a few months.

The game comes out in its Beta phase, meaning a test phase to determine if adjustments need to be made. It is therefore possible to encounter bugs. Also, we tried to satisfy as many expectations as possible but it may be some aspect of the game that is not exactly what you were hoping or that lacks some features. We obviously plan to correct, modify and add content as we go along.

Please, don't be too demanding. Remember we make this game with a small budget. But if you have any comments or criticisms, please come and share them with us so we can consider them in further development.

Have fun discovering!

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