Citizen Update


We started the development of the game by creating a mechanism that would allow players who wanted to run multiple accounts to be able to do so without having a negative impact on the overall gameplay. It turns out that the players had the feeling that having several citizens was mandatory and this affected the enjoyment of the game.

On the other hand, developing a concept that did not give multiaccounts an advantage over single accounts turned out to be more complex than expected and severely affected the overall gameplay, particularly because of the various limitations we had to implement.

Your comments on possible changes to be made inspire and help us to take decisions. We have long talks before making major changes, but do not hesitate if it is highly requested. Since our development time is limited by our daily activities, modifying a major component like this one requires a certain amount of time.

So we will adjust the game to have each player guiding only one citizen and restrict multiaccounting. The main changes will be:  
- Maximum number of citizen will be reduced from 6 to 1.
- Citizen's efficiency will be multiplied by 5.

Thank you for your support.

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