Dominacy Beta is starting today : a brief introduction to its economy.

Hello everyone,

My name is Leximus and I am the Economy Advisor of Dominacy.

Today, I will present you briefly how the economy of the game work, in order to clarify some points.

Dominacy is a game of strategy where people will of course use their weapons to march over countries and impose their totalitarian ideas. However, a powerful country will require a strong economy.

Every citizen starts with no money. The inflation is an important part of the economy as the more money there is in circulation, the less it has value.

Money are also compared to other on the global market, comparing currencies between each others. But this will be the topic a future blog post.

When you start your journey in the game, you are... poor. No employment, no real skills. Nevertheless, you have energy, which can be converted into money if you work. But how ?

Finding a work

You will see a new window, presenting the job offers of your region. At the beginning of the game, no company are created, which require you to start working for the governement.

The government needs energy to work and the salary is not extremely high (8cc/hour). Ideally, if a company is created, you'd better see if they do not proposer higher wage.

Which is the best offer ?

Clicking on "work", your citizen will start using his energy and time for the company. There is however a little "boost" proposed at the beginning of the game. Indeed, your citizen will receive 150cc for the first work made, which should not last more than a minute. After however, you will be remunerated normally. It is a limited offer, available to all countries in a limited quantity.

This bonus is not a money created from nowhere. It is a debt that the country will owe to the Central Bank, a regulatory organization which will be firstly used for an economic start. The country will later have to give this money back, mainly by the taxes it will take on the firm.

This debt can allow the first players of the country to build the first firms, quickly.

A firm has two kind of bank accounts : The first one is for the investment, second are your profits. When you create a firm, you have to pay a fee of 50cc to the state. The rest is relocated in your investment fund. In the future, you will see that you are able to create new bank accounts based on other currencies, which may have a huge impact considering the fluctuation of currency values.

A firm is the core of the economic system. When you create a firm, you need to create companies. The creation of the company costs 100cc and requires board approval. If you created your first one, you are the only one in your board (see Executive Board tab). It will be changed if you wish to open to investment, by creating shares that will be sold... but no worry for this time. You won't have any hostile take over at the moment.

The executive board

Select "Create a new vote" and choose the factory you want build. Some regions will have different advantages linked to specific local bonuses (see military => World Map).

It will take some time... around 10 hours. Warning : If you cancel the construction, the money will be lost!

Our manufacture is creating

Once a company is created, click the manage button to start a project.

A project is what will create new object in the game, in exchange of labour. A project finishes by itself after a certain time, but the different parameters you will set will determine the quantity of food you will acquire. What are these "good" parameters depends of your skills and trials and error... you will have to find them.

Catle farms

Some choice might cost you money, like using veterinary or medicine in my example. Once you found the good configuration, you should press "start project".

Some projects require efficiency and other require time. Once the project is created, you will allocate the different

Managing employees

Once your production is finished, you will be able to sell your stuff on the global market and thus, earning more money.

The state buys first some fuel, to have energy. After, it will probably buy weapons... but we will discuss this in a future post.

You are now ready. Have fun in Dominacy!

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