War is on !

After a long waiting period, the military module is finally available !
The conquest of regions is now possible. Soldiers can now fight in conflicts.

However, there are still some improvements to be made, as soldiers have to move to conflict areas themselves for now. Soldiers cannot yet receive pay. Other aspects such as sea battles or the use of weapons are not yet ready, but will be quickly available because they require little development.

Here are some clues on how to use the military module:

A country can declare war on any country. The outbreak of war automatically leads to a trade embargo until the end of the war.

The President, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense may launch campaigns targeting territories adjacent to their own and belonging to a nation against which they are at war with. A country cannot launch more than one campaign at a time.

A campaign lasts 24 hours. If defenders prevent the invaders from taking the decisive operation, they win after 24 hours. During the campaign, operations will appear on the map.

There are two types of operations.
Red operations where invaders attack and defenders try to protect the objective.
Blue operations where defenders attack and invaders try to protect the objective.

When an operation is finished, a new operation automatically reappears after 30 minutes. A camp which wins an operation advances the conquest bar. Blue operations appear when invaders reach more than 20% of conquest.

We can distinguish 3 types of operations.
The border operation, an operation easy to win but with low rewards. Red operations only.
The inner operation, which difficulty varies according to the progress of both sides.
The decisive operation, which allows to win the campaign and take the region. This operation appears as soon as the invaders exceed 80% of conquest. The consequences of a defeat are considerable for all sides. Red operations only.

Each operation has one or more objectives. An objective requires a certain number of points to be accumulated. When an objective is achieved, the operation is completed. The reward varies according to the objective achieved.

To win objective points, players will have to launch missions on these objectives. There are three mission orders for each side:

Infiltrate: Adds infiltration and sabotage points.
Charge: Adds many combat points.
Blast: Adds combat and demolition points.

Secure: Adds intelligence and repair points.
Defend: Adds many combat points.
Strengthen: Adds combat and defense points.

A mission can host a maximum of 5 soldiers.

Steps of an offensive mission:
1 - The mission begins.
2 - Once close to the objective, the mission may encounter an enemy patrol (enemy secure mission). Depending on the outcome of the encounter, one side will have the initiative in the next step.
3 - The mission reaches the objective and a combat is triggered against a mission with an opposite order. Blast versus Strengthen, Charge versus Defend and Infiltrate versus Secure.
4 - Once the mission is back, you can read the combat report.

A defensive mission has no steps. It remains present on the operation for 20 minutes. When the mission wins a battle, it gains objective points. If it manages to hold out for 20 minutes, it wins additional objective points.

To join a campaign, the soldier must be in the area covered by the campaign. He will fight for the country owning the region.

Soldiers can create private missions: only soldiers from the same military unit can join these missions.

1: Attacker
2: Defender
3: Area under attack
4: Date of campaign termination and defenders victory
5: Advancement of the attackers
6: Advancement of defenders
7: Moving to another region
8: Campaign information
9: Current operations and navigation buttons

1: Name of the operation
2: Create a mission
3: See the list of missions that can be joined
4: See the mission reports
5: List of objectives to be achieved

1: Name of the mission
2: Mission order
3: Create the mission

1: List of missions
2: See the mission menu

1: Mission information
2: Actions on the mission: Join, Leave, Launch.
3: List of soldiers with choice of weapon
4: Mission skills

Have fun.

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